EP20 - r/SF Radio - AE Change Log

January 18, 2018

Threads you might have missed:

Gief's Gym 3rd Ed: https://redd.it/7r1vxa 

Tournament with Players’ Lounge: https://redd.it/7rehtr 

Sega Bringing Back Legacy Pad: https://redd.it/7qqdbj 

Street Fighter Character Popularity Poll: https://redd.it/7qpt8e 

K-Brad Signed by Ghost Gaming: https://redd.it/7rcaw1 

Zeku Tech by SilentShadow: https://redd.it/7qqvc0 

SFVdiff Hitbox Viewer from WydD: https://redd.it/7rbmdz 

Unlisted AE Patch Notes: https://redd.it/7r34v0 

AE Sakura BnB from Bafael: https://redd.it/7r0fjj 

AE My Biggest Fear Assuaged: https://redd.it/7qvitf 

AE Input Lag Unchanged: https://redd.it/7r33hc 

AE Graphical Improvements: https://redd.it/7qtd15 

AE IGN Review - 9/10: https://redd.it/7qqxrh 

AE Match Loading On Par with TOOLASSISTED Mod: https://redd.it/7qsjja 

AE Mod Glitch and Fix: https://redd.it/7qtqd6 

AE Battle Lounge Sorting Improvements: https://redd.it/7qw79i 

AE Replay Improvement: https://redd.it/7quvl9 

AE How to Test AA Jabs: https://redd.it/7r30gj 

AE Abigail New Combo Potential: https://redd.it/7rak21 

AE Ryu by Desk: https://redd.it/7r6b6f 

AE Laura: https://redd.it/7qs2nw 

AE Mika VT2 50/50: https://redd.it/7qqm8m 

AE Ibuki VT2: https://redd.it/7qtave 

AE Alex VT2 Summary: https://redd.it/7qtfry 

AE Alex VT2 Yami Drop 2.0: https://redd.it/7qu2gd 

AE Akuma VT2 Divekick Crossup: https://redd.it/7qqm3x 

AE Infiltration Breakdown: https://redd.it/7r4dbf 

FGC History:

EVO 2K13 SSF4 AE Top 8 Infiltration (Akuma/Hakan) vs PR Balrog (Balrog) : https://redd.it/7raejw 

Infiltration (Hakan) vs Coco (Fei Long) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaYmJXB6qa8 


EP19 - r/SF Radio - Coop Cup Wrap Up and a Little Leak on AE

January 11, 2018

Threads you might have missed:

SRK Forums Closing at the end of January: https://redd.it/7p1ahc 

Mysterious Mod Tournament Combo Compilation: https://redd.it/7p6ixd 

Coop Cup 2018 English Stream Replays: https://redd.it/7pp08s 

Kuroda is the best: https://redd.it/7oqf8l 

CvS2 Tournament at Evo Japan: https://redd.it/7ph7pf 

Big Bird picked up by Red Bull: https://redd.it/7p9kpd 

Verloren signed by Fursan esports: https://redd.it/7p9sfy 

NuckleDu now a Free Agent: https://redd.it/7paody 

Backdash vs Normal Throw: https://redd.it/7ovitb 

Make Alex Great Again feat. Born Free: https://redd.it/7pprga 

EU Retail Copy of AE Delayed to Jan. 19th: https://redd.it/7oy4ct 

Playable AE?: https://redd.it/7on9pc 

Player 2 Rematch: https://redd.it/7ooajd 

Vol. 3 Trials: https://redd.it/7ox0ol ; https://redd.it/7pe50p 

Colorized Frame Advantage: https://redd.it/7oxtk3  

Another Copy in the Wild: https://redd.it/7piecf 

211 Arcade Mode Endings: https://redd.it/7pn35c 

Sakura Moves List: https://redd.it/7pc9bb 

AE Patch Notes: https://redd.it/7pbvn9 

Sakura Free to Play from 1/16 to 1/23: https://redd.it/7pp3p2 

Sakura Breakdown from Vesper Arcade: https://redd.it/7pgmqf 


Aremah - Confirming in 3rd Strike?: https://redd.it/7oxakp 

John Dilworth - How do you think that season three is going to shake up the tier list?

FGC History:

Big Bird (Guy, Rolento, Poison) vs Infiltration (Ryu, Chun Li) - USF4 Grand Finals Games 15: https://redd.it/7psq4a 


EP18 - r/SF Radio - Sooner Rather Than Later

January 4, 2018

Threads you might have missed:

Alex Theme: https://redd.it/7nr7zb 

New Years Fighting Game Resolutions: https://redd.it/7nag16 

Vega Highlight Reel: https://redd.it/7n0jih 

Menat V-Reversal Punish Guide: https://redd.it/7n1ap5 

Nemo Compilation: https://redd.it/7nmxa6 

Living the Game Trailer: https://redd.it/7mu9cy 

Slaynman Compilation: https://redd.it/7nmtwm 

Cammy Training Mode: https://redd.it/7nub4l 

K-Brad Released from Evil Geniuses: https://redd.it/7o56hd 

USF4 Revival Online League: https://redd.it/7mn1m1 

Madcatz is back?: https://redd.it/7o3btx 

Abigail Tips from Infexious: https://redd.it/7moa3w 

Is Gief’s Gym Helpful?: https://redd.it/7nva02 

Replays from Daigo the BeasTV KEMONOMICHI: https://redd.it/7nxafu 

Doopliss End of 2017 Combo Collection: https://redd.it/7n62fs 

Kurahashi vs John Choi: https://redd.it/7n33od 

Cooperation Cup 2018: https://redd.it/7o8gwl 

AE Update from Andy Wong: https://redd.it/7o429a 

Tentative Patch Notes: https://redd.it/7o1ggn 

FGC History:

Gamerbee (Adon) vs Daigo (Ryu) - DreamHack Winter 2013 - SSF4:AE2012 Grand Finals: https://redd.it/7nwcp7 


EP17 - r/SF Radio - Top Ten Sets of 2017

December 28, 2017

Joe Munday's Top Ten Sets of 2017:

10. Nuckledu vs Moondawgie - Gator Gaming Winter Party Grand Finals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jx-hsiuOWfg 

9. Snake Eyez vs NuckleDu - Combo Breaker Grand Finals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAmUE1IXR2I 

8. Problem X vs Itabashi Zangief - Canada Cup Top 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQ5ZrpRNhTU 

7. Nemo vs Itabashi - Capcom Cup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSAUUXGAVIw 

6. MenaRD vs Nick Tanella - WNF 12/13/2017: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/207404426?t=03h38m13s 

5. Tokido vs MenaRD - Capcom Cup Winners/Grand Finals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr9b9G2EzGI ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfWiSYDgfGM 

4. Nitto Yun vs Matsuken Ken - Top 8 Cooperation Cup 15: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptTgmu4WBtM ; https://youtu.be/4Lcp1qmM0Vc?t=31058 (ENG)

3. Smug vs Poongko - Canada Cup Grand Finals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnSWvPBIy30 

2. UpToSnuff vs Mago - Evo 2017 Pools: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=MHEMGC6ZX2U 

1. Punk vs Tokido - Evo 2017 Pools/Grand Finals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7u1bx1Dco1w ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT51m19_ZrI 


EP16 - r/SF Radio - SFV: Arcade Edition Buyers Guide

December 21, 2017

Threads you might have missed:

The only tier list that ever mattered ever: https://redd.it/7kl8hg 

Personal story of rookie to platinum in 9 months: https://redd.it/7l40op 

Kuroda highlights: https://redd.it/7kxcy9 

Interview with SF2 creator Akira Nishitani plus Katsuhiro Harada: https://redd.it/7l1ww6 

Nemo vs Itazan rivalry highlights: https://redd.it/7jlxe9 

Sports Math: https://redd.it/7kr28y 

Jug vs Idom Highlight from NEC: https://redd.it/7kv7xr 

Make Alex Great Again Part 21: https://redd.it/7kwshh 

Infiltration vs Brian F match breakdown from Brian F: https://redd.it/7kv071 

What’s your favorite comeback in Street Fighter history?: https://redd.it/7kvbx7 

Reminder that the Rindouken Bible exists: https://redd.it/7kz3e8 

Frabisaur on escaping auto-pilot: https://redd.it/7kxuca 

Automattock and Philocypher on learning Street Fighter: https://redd.it/7kof4j 

BornFree on Akuma V-Trigger 2: https://redd.it/7kmnct 

AE Fight Money breakdown: https://redd.it/7jwdzu 

Team Battle reveal from UpUpDownDown: https://redd.it/7l38rl 

SFV: AE Buyers Guide: https://redd.it/7jrzks 


What are your favorite sets from 2017?: https://redd.it/7l6mg0 

FGC History:

Fight Night Street Fighter (SSF4:AE2012) - Mike Ross (E.Honda) vs Xian (Gen) - Jan 28, 2014: https://redd.it/7l5zlq 


EP15 - r/SF Radio - Insert Capcom Cup Meme Here

December 14, 2017

Threads you might have missed:

Fighting EX Layer Beta (up until the 25th): https://redd.it/7j35td 

Majorboy First Master Zeku: https://redd.it/7jjvju 

Menat Tutorial from GO1: https://redd.it/7jfas3 

Capcom Cup Live Thread: https://redd.it/7if1pv 

AE Balance Changes: https://redd.it/7ihp7x 

30th Anniversary Collection: https://redd.it/7ixj9y 

Sakura Reveal: https://redd.it/7iz604 

AE Cinematic Trailer: https://redd.it/7iz61m 

Capcom Cup Feedback Thread: https://redd.it/7j3e55 

Alex Myers Reacting to Sakura: https://redd.it/7j0kaa 

Alex Myers on What Sakura Means to Him: https://redd.it/7j55hq 

FGC History:

Echo Fox | Tokido vs RISE | MenaRD Winners Finals/Grand Finals: https://redd.it/7jo12m 


EP14 - r/SF Radio - Capcom Cup Bracket Rundown

December 8, 2017

Create your own bracket here: https://redd.it/7gq2s5 

Smash.gg fantasy bracket here: https://smash.gg/tournament/capcom-cup-2017/Fantasy 

Everything you need to know about Capcom Cup: https://redd.it/7gwpsc 


EP13 - r/SF Radio - Excitement Leading up to Capcom Cup

November 30, 2017

Threads you might have missed:

u/ThisIsBattle reached Master Rank Vega: https://redd.it/7e9ary 

pdcsky with another good lesson: https://redd.it/7ehua5 

Two Minute Tutorials are Back: https://redd.it/7fj4hw 

Alex Myers: https://redd.it/7ebout 

Waypoint Presents: EVO: https://redd.it/7elcah 

Brian F on Option Selects: https://redd.it/7eo10j 

Birdie OS which Covers Dhalsim’s Wakeup Options: https://redd.it/7fyxzi 

HXGiving Charity December 12th: https://redd.it/7et9b5 

Ken Swag Combos: https://redd.it/7g2xhf 

801 Strider Signed by Allegiance: https://redd.it/7fkt10 

Du Drops out of Capcom Cup: https://redd.it/7fyt07 

2nd Place Capcom Cup Ricki Ortiz Accepts Invitation to Replace Du: https://redd.it/7g6fct 

Wake Up Wednesday Bracket Clarification: https://redd.it/7ggizt 

Capcom Cup 2017 Sample Bracket: https://redd.it/7gq2s5 

FGC History:

Capcom Cup 2016 Grand Finals: EG Ricki Ortiz vs Liquid NuckleDu: https://redd.it/7grjuk 


EP12 - r/SF Radio - Thanksgiving at the Kid’s Table

November 23, 2017





EP11 - r/SF Radio - Drive

November 16, 2017

Check out r/StreetFighter for the latest news in the Street Fighter community: http://www.reddit.com/r/StreetFighter/

Read the whole lesson here: https://redd.it/78yjqp