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EP19 - r/SF Radio - Coop Cup Wrap Up and a Little Leak on AE

January 11, 2018

Threads you might have missed:

SRK Forums Closing at the end of January: https://redd.it/7p1ahc 

Mysterious Mod Tournament Combo Compilation: https://redd.it/7p6ixd 

Coop Cup 2018 English Stream Replays: https://redd.it/7pp08s 

Kuroda is the best: https://redd.it/7oqf8l 

CvS2 Tournament at Evo Japan: https://redd.it/7ph7pf 

Big Bird picked up by Red Bull: https://redd.it/7p9kpd 

Verloren signed by Fursan esports: https://redd.it/7p9sfy 

NuckleDu now a Free Agent: https://redd.it/7paody 

Backdash vs Normal Throw: https://redd.it/7ovitb 

Make Alex Great Again feat. Born Free: https://redd.it/7pprga 

EU Retail Copy of AE Delayed to Jan. 19th: https://redd.it/7oy4ct 

Playable AE?: https://redd.it/7on9pc 

Player 2 Rematch: https://redd.it/7ooajd 

Vol. 3 Trials: https://redd.it/7ox0ol ; https://redd.it/7pe50p 

Colorized Frame Advantage: https://redd.it/7oxtk3  

Another Copy in the Wild: https://redd.it/7piecf 

211 Arcade Mode Endings: https://redd.it/7pn35c 

Sakura Moves List: https://redd.it/7pc9bb 

AE Patch Notes: https://redd.it/7pbvn9 

Sakura Free to Play from 1/16 to 1/23: https://redd.it/7pp3p2 

Sakura Breakdown from Vesper Arcade: https://redd.it/7pgmqf 


Aremah - Confirming in 3rd Strike?: https://redd.it/7oxakp 

John Dilworth - How do you think that season three is going to shake up the tier list?

FGC History:

Big Bird (Guy, Rolento, Poison) vs Infiltration (Ryu, Chun Li) - USF4 Grand Finals Games 15: https://redd.it/7psq4a 

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