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EP3 - r/SF Radio - Infinite Memes

September 21, 2017

Check out r/StreetFighter for the latest news in the Street Fighter community: http://www.reddit.com/r/StreetFighter/ 

Threads you might have missed:

SFV:AE? https://redd.it/71bk4p 

Sub 4f Input Lag: https://redd.it/704p7g 

Whiff Punishing: https://redd.it/70oja6 

Pros Weigh In on Who's the Best: https://redd.it/71aqgt 

PoongKo Drops out of CPT: https://redd.it/712v5l 

LiangHuBBB at it again: https://redd.it/711jfc 

Ed Stuff: https://redd.it/7089m1 

Weight Training: https://redd.it/70uwog 

Tragedy at Thunderstruck: https://redd.it/70r8w5 


Who to main? https://redd.it/70vwt2 

FGC History:


Alex Valle (Hugo) vs Bonchan (Sagat) - USF4 EVO 2015

Follow up from Valle: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/8356968?t=82m01s 

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