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EP33 - r/SF Radio - Sudoku Watch: A Season 3.5 Patch Note Retrospective

April 5, 2018

Threads you might have missed:

NCR Results: https://redd.it/88xbdb 

CPT Leaderboard: https://redd.it/88xgco 

Caba, MenaRD, GO1: https://redd.it/88nle6 

ELEAGUE Reality Show: https://redd.it/8a0nxc 

Forgotten Worlds Guile: https://redd.it/8a0w12 

BornFree Interviews: https://redd.it/8a15ag 

Bafael Tutorials: https://redd.it/89o1ax 

Lessons From Master Urien: https://redd.it/88977e 

Headbutt Loops: https://redd.it/8a4jbl 

Instant Return to Training Mode: https://redd.it/89jn5r 

Battle Lounge Connection Restriction: https://redd.it/89h0sq 

Season 3.5 Megathread: https://redd.it/89j6lz 

Shitpost of the Week:

Buffs at a Cost: https://redd.it/89uiap 

FGC History:

East Coast Throwdown 2015 - USF4 Grand Finals - K Brad (Cammy) vs Smug (Dudley): https://redd.it/8a4p6q 

Intro and Background Music:

The Bloody Beetrooots - Butter

The Boogie Hustlers - The Promise

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