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EP36 - r/SF Radio - Cult Status

April 26, 2018

Threads you might have missed:

XiaoBao No Vega: https://redd.it/8eah63 

Saigon Cup Results: https://redd.it/8e3wak 

USF4 Still Active: https://redd.it/8dsftl 

Yun and Yang: https://redd.it/8edoj1 

Reading Your Opponent: https://redd.it/8efbpz 

Gamerbee Lecture: https://redd.it/8f0l0x 

No Russian: https://redd.it/8ee6gh 

Falke: https://redd.it/8co5a2 

Falke Capcom Unity: https://redd.it/8cnkc0 

Falke Mega-Thread: https://redd.it/8enxct 

Additional Patch Notes: https://redd.it/8eyxiv 

Unlisted Patch Notes: https://redd.it/8enoa4 

SFV Criticism: https://redd.it/8ectw0 

FGC History:

Kazunoko (Yun) vs r/Kappa Ebi (Hakan) - Stunfest 2015 - USF4: https://redd.it/8djpvp 

Intro and Background Music:

Giraffage - I Luv Your Girl

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