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EP6 - r/SF Radio - Tales from Last Week

October 12, 2017

Threads you might have missed:


How Infiltration Uses Training Mode from CoreAGaming: https://redd.it/73goy9 


Ken Tech gif Album: https://redd.it/73z2fp


Special Move Buffer Windows: https://redd.it/7400l7


UE4 Input Lag Improvement: https://redd.it/74f5w4


Amazon Leaks SFV: AE: https://redd.it/74evha


SFV: AE Reveal Trailer: https://redd.it/74g4ay


Check the CFN: https://redd.it/74g9no


EP1 of Wake Up Wednesdays: https://redd.it/74a3u1


From this week:


Poongko back in the game: https://redd.it/74o8j7


Brian F on Salt Management/Competitive Mindset: https://redd.it/756nd0


CPT Standings and Interesting Stats: https://redd.it/753928


EP2 Wake Up Wednesdays: https://redd.it/75qj90


SFV: AE Gameplay Changes: https://redd.it/75ncch


FGC History:




Ricki Ortiz (Rufus) vs Wolfkrone (C. Viper)


UFGT8 - SSF4:AE 2012 - Top 4

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