EP30 - r/SF Radio - Cry 1000 Deaths

March 15, 2018

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CPT, Facebook, and Youtube: https://redd.it/8479k1 

Menat Moment: https://redd.it/83rmpi 

Alex Myers on Sakura: https://redd.it/84prf0 

Last Hit: https://redd.it/83izpm 

Liquid vs Liquid: https://redd.it/83rnzg 

St8 Rippin DRDANNYPHAM: https://redd.it/84ific 

Notable Players at Final Round: https://redd.it/83tcm5 

Nephew Kolin Highlights: https://redd.it/83s1nl 

NeonV Kolin Highlights: https://redd.it/84mthe 

Daigo vs Tokido: https://redd.it/83vi1y 

Post Event Daigo Interview: https://redd.it/83wpuj 

Daigo on Reactions: https://redd.it/83yksa 

Post Event Tokido Interview: https://redd.it/84ehpy 

Tokido Evo 2017: https://redd.it/83224s 

Sajam Kemonomichi Breakdown: https://redd.it/83zpth 

Sheldon Kemonomichi Breakdown: https://redd.it/83oarf 

Shitpost of the Week:

Tokido Art: https://redd.it/83ls2o ; https://redd.it/83hal0 ; https://redd.it/84est5 ; https://redd.it/83p48d 

FGC History:

Daigo (Guile) vs Itazan (Zangief) - Colosseum Final Battle (SFV 2017): https://redd.it/84pop1

Intro and Background Music:

Danger - 07:46


EP29 - r/SF Radio - Eating Garbage

March 8, 2018

r/SF Player Sponsorship: https://redd.it/82pwhh 

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Dogura and Gyasu’s Wedding: https://redd.it/8178gc 

Kemonomichi This Saturday: https://redd.it/82ylc2 

Richard Lewis and Marn: https://redd.it/818nxc 

Animated SF in 2018?: https://redd.it/81fu5s 

Splyce Splits: https://redd.it/81yw9b 

Punk Now a Free Agent: https://redd.it/8201xj 

John Takeuchi and Nemo on Team Liquid: https://redd.it/82tnst 

Interview with Nemo: https://redd.it/8248oz 

Urien Mixups: https://redd.it/81q8q0 

Menat Guide: https://redd.it/81wjba 

Sakura Combos: https://redd.it/825agh 

Grand Master Blanka: https://redd.it/82xwn1 

Frame Trapped Update: https://redd.it/82a5tm 

Character Usage: https://redd.it/81lay9 

Urien and Ibuki V-Trigger Scaling: https://redd.it/82da2f 

Blind Warrior: https://redd.it/81il0y 

Alex Myers Gameplay Analysis: https://redd.it/81h3lb 

Shitpost of the Week:

Gief Nation: https://redd.it/81dskf 

FGC History:

Evo 2014 SF4 Pools - Daigo (Evil Ryu) vs John Choi (Ryu): https://redd.it/82xwkl  


EP28 - r/SF Radio - Daigo vs Tokido

March 1, 2018

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Blanka Chip Damage: https://redd.it/80bd15 

Zangief Season 3: https://redd.it/80pvoq 

SFxT on Humble Bundle: https://redd.it/80pqfm 

Swag with Bushinryu: https://redd.it/80ktzy 

Idom on Laura: https://redd.it/80k50s 

Laura Tech on Twitter: https://redd.it/818kbg 

Ask Arly: https://redd.it/80gv7l 

Hours of Kuroda: https://redd.it/8120q6  

MenaRD and the DR: https://redd.it/815clv 

Circa to Shut Down After Evo: https://redd.it/80spdf 

Gfinity Elite Series Roster: https://redd.it/80xaw0 

Kemonomichi Daigo vs Tokido: https://redd.it/80ay5r 

Tokido vs Daigo: https://redd.it/80mbi6 

Japan’s Pro Gaming License: https://redd.it/80ahz4 

Mixbox?: https://redd.it/80b905  

Ibuki Optimization: https://redd.it/80480f 

Justin Wong: https://redd.it/7zz8ig 

SF in 2017: https://redd.it/80yyso 

Red Bull Conquest: https://redd.it/8178ho 

Shitpost of the Week:

Galaxy Brain: https://redd.it/80xm0h 

FGC History:

Evo Japan 2018 SFV:AE Top 8 - Daigo vs Tokido: https://redd.it/815p9s 

Intro and Background Music:

Bonobo - Kiara


EP27 - r/SF Radio - Now That’s What I Call Podcast

February 22, 2018

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Grow Your Local: https://redd.it/7xvaim 

5-Minute Focus with Frabisaur: https://redd.it/7yomy8 

Chunbelievable on Reaching Diamond: https://redd.it/7yiuyy 

Reiketsu on Vega: https://redd.it/7yl8ku 

Gunfight on Alex: https://redd.it/7yd1rl 

Countering V-Reversals w Abigail: https://redd.it/7zf77x 

Abigail Meaty Unblockable: https://redd.it/7z0w27 

Season 3 Cammy Guide: https://redd.it/7ymzgk 

EX Sonic Boom vs EX Hadoken: https://redd.it/7yh7qr 

Day 1 Blanka: https://redd.it/7z3bui 

Blanka BnB’s from Bafael: https://redd.it/7z3lbd 

Blanka Oki: https://redd.it/7z41sj 

Blanka Tech on Twitter: https://redd.it/7z6fbl 

Punish LP Blanka Ball: https://redd.it/7zb2mu 

Fight Money Breakdown: https://redd.it/7z8tur 

eSports, Year One: https://redd.it/7ydeqs 

Pro Tour Schedule: https://redd.it/7ynp5o 

Brian F on CPT: https://redd.it/7z1ort 

Evo Registration Now Open: https://redd.it/7yp0hz 

Shitpost of the Week:

Cujo Kate’s Blanka Chan: https://redd.it/7zhkhi 

FGC History:

Evo 2006 CvS2 Top 8 - Daigo vs Buktooth: https://redd.it/7z8frq  


EP26 - r/SF Radio - #StopPlayingKen with Chris Tatarian

February 21, 2018

We sat down with Chris Tatarian to discuss the reason behind #StopPlayingKen.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chris_Tatarian  

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/chris_tatarian 

The Gauntlet Podcast: https://twitter.com/gauntletcast 

We discuss this document in detail: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wK97GX8WIvg-6p_qT7GOuv-jVX9-MRMWVkMTj87tFzw/edit

r/SF thread: https://redd.it/7y197o 

Test these setups yourself here: https://sfvsim.com/ 


EP25 - r/SF Radio - The Most Electrifying Podcast in All of eSports Entertainment

February 15, 2018

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Happy Valentines Day from Momochi and Chocoblanka: https://redd.it/7xoiop 

UNIST Launch: https://redd.it/7xj72y 

Vega Perfect Compilation: https://redd.it/7wytny 

Balrog CC Setplay: https://redd.it/7xlj84 

Chun-Li Character Discussion: https://redd.it/7xjb74 

Chun/June Capcom Unity: https://redd.it/7xj7o9 

Sheldon Breaks Down Blockstrings: https://redd.it/7xjxem 

Mago Neutral Game Fundamentals: https://redd.it/7xjtgb 

Whiff Punishing Abigail: https://redd.it/7x6j5q 

Ken VT Advantage: https://redd.it/7wulyi 

Chris T on Ken: https://redd.it/7xdjx3 

Blanka Theme: https://redd.it/7wrwus 

Falke Theme: https://redd.it/7wtdqz 

$500 Pot Bonus for ST at Combo Breaker: https://redd.it/7xc6bx 

Watching esports Survey: https://redd.it/7wp3ws 

NuckleDu Sponsorship: https://redd.it/7wyajz 

Blanka Reveal Trailer: https://redd.it/7x1pzw 

Blanka Moves List: https://redd.it/7x5qe3 

Blanka Capcom Unity: https://redd.it/7x1tto 

Blanka at WSO: https://redd.it/7xdxas 

New Player to Silver: https://redd.it/7xew0s 

Shitpost of the Week:

New Gief Tech: https://redd.it/7xdray 

FGC History:

Air (Ryu) vs Justin Wong (Dan, Makoto, Akuma) - SSF4 Canada Cup 2011: https://redd.it/7xrq6y 


EP24 - r/SF Radio - A New Challenger with Jakejames Lugo

February 12, 2018

A New Challenger Approaches!

Jakejames Lugo: https://twitter.com/VenomousFatman1 


Senior Editor http://thekoalition.com/ , Freelance Writer (@IGN @PlayBoy @pixelkin_org) Gaming Journalist, YouTube Video Creator, Podcast Host (TK Spotlight on @iTunes)

Topics of Discussion

Is USF2 Dead?: https://thekoalition.com/2018/three-reasons-ultra-street-fighter-2-is-a-dead-game 

Is Abigail too Strong?: https://www.reddit.com/r/StreetFighter/search?q=flair%3Aguide%2Flabwork+abigail&restrict_sr=on&include_over_18=on&sort=new&t=all 

Street Fighter x Wendy's: https://twitter.com/StreetFighter/status/962115349679243264 

What life lessons have you learned from Fighting Games: https://redd.it/7wmeq0 


EP23 - r/SF Radio - SEO Edition

February 8, 2018

Threads you might have missed:

Evo Japan Stream Stats: https://redd.it/7uqsax 

What it’s Like: https://redd.it/7vzli2 

Japan Pro Licenses: https://redd.it/7ur2w8 

esports: https://redd.it/7vg6y1 - Further Reading: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/opinion/2017/12/01/editorials/better-response-needed-product-data-falsification/#.WniY5a5KuM8 

CPT 2018: https://redd.it/7vg7wu 

Evo World Lineup: https://redd.it/7vszbn 

IRL Muscle Power: https://redd.it/7vzcfq 

OpTic Arena 5k Pot Bonus: https://redd.it/7vr2wa 

Swag with Gunfight: https://redd.it/7vm334 

Vega Setups: https://redd.it/7w417c 

Microstep Out of the Corner: https://redd.it/7w74u5 

Optimize your Internet: https://redd.it/7v9zdp 

Input Lag?: https://redd.it/7vmcyy 

Bug Fixes: https://redd.it/7unqyb 

Early Tier Lists with VesperArcade: https://redd.it/7utlhh 

Thank You NuckleDu: https://redd.it/7v0pf9 

Infiltration Leaves Team Grapht: https://redd.it/7vumg9 

MenaRD’s Team: https://redd.it/7vphfk 

Shitpost of the Week:

SFV at the Moment: https://redd.it/7vjxmn 

FGC History:

Gandhi (Ryu) vs FSP (Rufus) - SSF4 AE 2012 DreamHack Winter 13: https://redd.it/7w73zu 


EP22 - r/SF Radio - My Favorite Flavor Cup Noodle is Zangief

February 1, 2018

Threads you might have missed:

Evo Japan Results: https://redd.it/7tjtz3 

SFV Podcast: https://redd.it/7tyktw 

Weekly Roundhouse: https://redd.it/7u223v 

FM Reverted: https://redd.it/7tphun 

Determine Meaty Setups: https://redd.it/7u4ua4 

Gamerbee and Oil King Dropped by Zowie: https://redd.it/7u0lt6 

Brian F Sponsored by UYU: https://redd.it/7u5x73 

Shinobisim Team Announcement Forthcoming: https://redd.it/7ubo0j 

What it’s Like to Teach SF for a Living: https://redd.it/7t5web 

Fun Combos: https://redd.it/7t58ww 

Menat VT2 Bug: https://redd.it/7tsqb5 

Juri VT2 Bug: https://redd.it/7tcx8a 

Gfinity Urien Ban: https://redd.it/7ua8a6 

Nemo on How to Improve: https://redd.it/7tpm3p 

Nemo on Working and Staying Competitive: https://redd.it/7ueq18 

Street Fighter The Movie: https://redd.it/7trd3m 

Personal Stories of Character Crisis: https://redd.it/7u4g0o 


How do I pick up a new character?

Shitpost of the Week:

Cup Zangief: https://redd.it/7ud3os 


FGC History:

All Evo Street Fighter Grand Finals Appearances by Infiltration: https://redd.it/7udi25 



January 26, 2018

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This is Rashidog, I Like Rashidog: https://redd.it/7rfl69 

PoongKo Signed by AtlusBear: https://redd.it/7sdssc 

ISDD Signed by Method: https://redd.it/7sp3yp 

The Story of ISDD: https://redd.it/7smhbm 

Daigo on Character Choice in Season 3: https://redd.it/7suq0u 

Reduction of FM Rewards: https://redd.it/7rfgb5 

Extra Battle FM Schedule: https://redd.it/7rgrj5 

Combo Creator: https://redd.it/7s7r2u 

FGC Travel Guide: https://redd.it/7safz0 

Bafael Season 3 Guides: https://redd.it/7sndzt 

Basic Gief Tips from Sabrewylf: https://redd.it/7s25vz 

Red Bull on Grapplers: https://redd.it/7sk60e 

Escaping Abigails VT2: https://redd.it/7srt1t 

Desk R. Mika Exhibition: https://redd.it/7rjq57 

Ed Trade Combos: https://redd.it/7rga2i 

Cammy VT2 Tech: https://redd.it/7s26sl 

Chun-Li Season 3 Combos: https://redd.it/7sljzc 

Chun-Li Oki: https://redd.it/7srf9p 

AE Ibuki Setups: https://redd.it/7s0vob 

Urien Loses Hitbox Post VT2: https://redd.it/7s9miw 

FDV AMA: https://redd.it/7rz889 

Infiltration Season 3 Menat Compilation: https://redd.it/7s6d09 

Laura Thunder Clap VT1 Mixups: https://redd.it/7s758e 

Laura Sway Tutorial: https://redd.it/7ryx6x 

Nash VT2 Kill Setups: https://redd.it/7sc3rz 

Juri VT2 Discussion: https://redd.it/7suq02 

Akuma Practical VT2 Combos: https://redd.it/7s5tny 

USF4 Revival EU Tournament 2 Announcement: https://redd.it/7rzsow 

ELEAGUE and Twitch: https://redd.it/7so9be 

Highlight from Travelling Controller: https://redd.it/7rrgcx 

Frosty Fausting and Genesis Tournament Results: https://redd.it/7rw4rf 

Everything You Need to Know for EVO Japan: https://redd.it/7sxz8q 

Community Feedback Thread Round 5: https://redd.it/7share 

Shitpost of the Week:

I am a Birdie Main: https://redd.it/7rylnm 

FGC History:

SSF4: AE - Evo 2011 - PoongKo vs Daigo: https://redd.it/7sxnct