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EP13 - r/SF Radio - Excitement Leading up to Capcom Cup

November 30, 2017

Threads you might have missed:

u/ThisIsBattle reached Master Rank Vega: https://redd.it/7e9ary 

pdcsky with another good lesson: https://redd.it/7ehua5 

Two Minute Tutorials are Back: https://redd.it/7fj4hw 

Alex Myers: https://redd.it/7ebout 

Waypoint Presents: EVO: https://redd.it/7elcah 

Brian F on Option Selects: https://redd.it/7eo10j 

Birdie OS which Covers Dhalsim’s Wakeup Options: https://redd.it/7fyxzi 

HXGiving Charity December 12th: https://redd.it/7et9b5 

Ken Swag Combos: https://redd.it/7g2xhf 

801 Strider Signed by Allegiance: https://redd.it/7fkt10 

Du Drops out of Capcom Cup: https://redd.it/7fyt07 

2nd Place Capcom Cup Ricki Ortiz Accepts Invitation to Replace Du: https://redd.it/7g6fct 

Wake Up Wednesday Bracket Clarification: https://redd.it/7ggizt 

Capcom Cup 2017 Sample Bracket: https://redd.it/7gq2s5 

FGC History:

Capcom Cup 2016 Grand Finals: EG Ricki Ortiz vs Liquid NuckleDu: https://redd.it/7grjuk 

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