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EP16 - r/SF Radio - SFV: Arcade Edition Buyers Guide

December 21, 2017

Threads you might have missed:

The only tier list that ever mattered ever: https://redd.it/7kl8hg 

Personal story of rookie to platinum in 9 months: https://redd.it/7l40op 

Kuroda highlights: https://redd.it/7kxcy9 

Interview with SF2 creator Akira Nishitani plus Katsuhiro Harada: https://redd.it/7l1ww6 

Nemo vs Itazan rivalry highlights: https://redd.it/7jlxe9 

Sports Math: https://redd.it/7kr28y 

Jug vs Idom Highlight from NEC: https://redd.it/7kv7xr 

Make Alex Great Again Part 21: https://redd.it/7kwshh 

Infiltration vs Brian F match breakdown from Brian F: https://redd.it/7kv071 

What’s your favorite comeback in Street Fighter history?: https://redd.it/7kvbx7 

Reminder that the Rindouken Bible exists: https://redd.it/7kz3e8 

Frabisaur on escaping auto-pilot: https://redd.it/7kxuca 

Automattock and Philocypher on learning Street Fighter: https://redd.it/7kof4j 

BornFree on Akuma V-Trigger 2: https://redd.it/7kmnct 

AE Fight Money breakdown: https://redd.it/7jwdzu 

Team Battle reveal from UpUpDownDown: https://redd.it/7l38rl 

SFV: AE Buyers Guide: https://redd.it/7jrzks 


What are your favorite sets from 2017?: https://redd.it/7l6mg0 

FGC History:

Fight Night Street Fighter (SSF4:AE2012) - Mike Ross (E.Honda) vs Xian (Gen) - Jan 28, 2014: https://redd.it/7l5zlq 

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