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EP30 - r/SF Radio - Cry 1000 Deaths

March 15, 2018

Threads you might have missed:

Mass Shooting Threat: https://redd.it/83iwl5 

CPT, Facebook, and Youtube: https://redd.it/8479k1 

Menat Moment: https://redd.it/83rmpi 

Alex Myers on Sakura: https://redd.it/84prf0 

Last Hit: https://redd.it/83izpm 

Liquid vs Liquid: https://redd.it/83rnzg 

St8 Rippin DRDANNYPHAM: https://redd.it/84ific 

Notable Players at Final Round: https://redd.it/83tcm5 

Nephew Kolin Highlights: https://redd.it/83s1nl 

NeonV Kolin Highlights: https://redd.it/84mthe 

Daigo vs Tokido: https://redd.it/83vi1y 

Post Event Daigo Interview: https://redd.it/83wpuj 

Daigo on Reactions: https://redd.it/83yksa 

Post Event Tokido Interview: https://redd.it/84ehpy 

Tokido Evo 2017: https://redd.it/83224s 

Sajam Kemonomichi Breakdown: https://redd.it/83zpth 

Sheldon Kemonomichi Breakdown: https://redd.it/83oarf 

Shitpost of the Week:

Tokido Art: https://redd.it/83ls2o ; https://redd.it/83hal0 ; https://redd.it/84est5 ; https://redd.it/83p48d 

FGC History:

Daigo (Guile) vs Itazan (Zangief) - Colosseum Final Battle (SFV 2017): https://redd.it/84pop1

Intro and Background Music:

Danger - 07:46

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