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EP46 - r/SF Radio - Turning the Beat Back with EXT0PD0LL

July 5, 2018

Threads you might have missed:

r/SF current events: https://redd.it/8vrsth 

CEO results: https://redd.it/8vg8o3 

TGS and JeSU License: https://redd.it/8vp6by 

SFV netcode: https://redd.it/8v92lq 

Worldwide 3s map: https://redd.it/8w039y 

Kuroda arrested for molesting high school student: https://redd.it/8uz84v 

A tribute to the FGC: https://redd.it/8w5mtw 

Cody tutorial with Packz: https://redd.it/8vkuw6 

FEXL: https://redd.it/8um92d

Pdcsky: https://twitter.com/pdcsky/status/1014669103187951617?s=09 

Shitpost of the Week:

Princess Slim: https://redd.it/8uus7e 

Intro and Background Music:


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