r/SF Radio

EP56 - r/SF Radio - Bucket of Positivity

September 13, 2018

Threads you might have missed:

Ono’s Position Unchanged: https://redd.it/9e9wap 

X-Kira Leak: https://redd.it/9cbizn 

Unstun Glitch: https://redd.it/9c6c6t 

Sagat: https://twitter.com/AutoMattock/status/1040313150976008192 

Bonchan Evo Doc: https://redd.it/9ffduy 

M.Lizard: https://redd.it/9bwdqi 

r/SF Sponsorship: https://redd.it/9bceec 

It’s ok to be bad: https://redd.it/9fj62l 

Justin Wong: https://redd.it/9f56yn 

The FGC is Awesome: https://redd.it/9c2tpb 

Intro and Background Music:

Tupac feat Nas - Thugz Mansion (instrumental)

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