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EP7 - r/SF Radio - Zeku Announcement and More (but definitely not in that order)

October 19, 2017

Threads you might have missed:


Extra Life Charity Stream: https://redd.it/771mdo


Gief’s Gym Choose Your Own Adventure: http://philome.la/SuperJoeMunday/giefs-gym-choose-your-own-adventure-public-beta


Dudley Swag Combos: https://redd.it/76qcgj


CPT Community Feedback: https://redd.it/76rlri


Sajam Match Analysis: https://redd.it/770idf


Rank and Character Bar Graph: https://redd.it/779pcl


Zeku Reveal: https://redd.it/76istc


Zeku Moves List: https://redd.it/76n3d2


Zeku Discord: https://redd.it/76m6k3


Strider Lore and Semantics Thread: https://redd.it/76knbb


WSO Zeku Breakdown Replay: https://redd.it/7779td


Haton’s Zeku Frame Data


FGC History:


Infiltration vs Gamerbee - EVO 2015 USF4 Loser's Finals




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